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Artist's Statement:

I am first and foremost interested in people. I am inspired by the connections humans make with one another simply by looking into each other's faces. Portraiture and self-portraiture allows me to explore that connection. 


I am also interested in using portraiture to talk about the human experience; particularly when dealing with extreme emotions like grief, fear, anxiety, and uncertainty. I want the viewer to connect with the human behind the paint and empathize with their struggles.


I most enjoy working large scale (i.e. 30"x40" or larger) with lots of details. This allows me to create images with a sense of presence as well as add meticulous detail to draw the viewer in for a closer look.



I'm most inspired by portrait painters, historic and contemporary. A few of my favorite artists include:

Frida Kahlo

Vincent van Gogh

Chuck Close

Lucian Freud

Henri Toulouse-Lautrec

Odd Nerdrum

Georgia O'Keeffe

Alice Neal

John Singer Sargent

Jenny Saville

Kathe Kolwitz

Jen Mann


I also find inspiration in early Christian art, particularly Byzantine icons.





If you enjoy my work, have questions, comments, or interest in purchasing anything you see here, please contact me at or visit my Facebook page (

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